Technology, this word has been an important part of human’s life. Technology has been there for humans from the very first start. To recall, we can start from the earlier times of men on their invention for hunting gears. They started to sharpen a stone and tied it up with a long wood (the invention of spears) and they took a strong root and attached it into a bent wood and they created bows. Fast forward into a more advanced and sophisticated age, the popularity of Egypt’s agriculture advancements. Humans invented irrigation systems that helped them water crops and provide water for their livestock. Moreover, in this period of time, human learned to preserve organic components by mummifying them (it can be seen from the enormous amount of mummies in their Egyptian shrines), and men learned how to construct huge buildings or constructions (this can be seen by the technological advancements in the Pyramids’ and Obelisks’ constructions) the fine detail and implementation of gemstones inside of it is remarkable and until now, the secret to the Egyptian constructions remains a mystery for us.

From the statements above, it is safe to say that technology and humans cannot be separated due to our constant need for it. In recent times, technology is more advanced than ever. From the first creation of PCs (Personal Computers), mobile phones, smartphones, smart TVs and now the current trend is self-driving cars. This can be said that innovations are becoming more frequent and humans can come up with a new breakthrough in a short period of time. As humans, we must be wondering what will happen next? It can be assured that more innovations will come into play.

Nanite technology
This technology will help humans enhance themselves by injecting small mechanic particles inside their body and help them achieve enhancements in their human body (it is similar to how heroes can get superpowers) researchers said that it can help humans fight diseases, enhance their metabolism, enhance their strength, speed, and many more. Rumor has it this technology will be the cure for cancer – the ultimate sickness that humans cannot treat.

Have you ever watched Star Wars or Star Trek before? Regardless of which fandom you are in, both of them utilized similar technology when it comes to the way they communicate – holograms. This technology radiates the individual’s appearance from the top to toe and makes communication more efficient and effective. This technology will help individuals be in two places at once. This will surely help humans become more productive in multiple fields of work. However, this technology will require WiFi to work. If you do not have WiFi, you can go to Time Internet Malaysia and apply for Time Internet Malaysia . For further information, you can search for time fiber unlimited home broadband Malaysia.

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