First and foremost, an advice for the landlords. As landlords, you can’t just collect rent, they also need to maintain and repair the house. Tenants also have to take care of the rented property. Keep reading to know regarding tenant responsibilities!

Tenant Responsibilities

Being an ethical tenant is important because it not only maintains the image of the person renting, but also the reason they live on someone else’s property. Already rented people’s properties, you have to take good care of them, right?

The relationship with the host must also be good. Hopefully I will be happy to ask for help. It’s too late to pay the rent! In addition, there are also a few other things that every tenant should pay attention to.

1) Take Good Care

Hackett House, Canberra. Architecture & Interiors by Ben Walker Architects, built by Ewer Constructions, Architectural Photography by The Guthrie Project.

This does not mean that the tenant must clean the rental unit (unless otherwise stated in the contract) or need to make the appropriate repairs themselves (again, it must be in the contract).

But they need to avoid staining the unit. Dirty to ruin! For example, if there are small children, parents and guardians should be sensitive to prevent them from scratching the walls of the house and so on.

2) Keep Clean And Facilities Provided

This also includes the aspect of caring for people’s property, in this context, rented property.

Although tenants are not required to do massive cleaning, basic things like wiping windows, washing bathrooms and disposing of rubbish should be done.

If the unit is equipped with electrical appliances and furniture, all the equipment must be well maintained and must be in the same good condition when first moved in.

3) Do Not Make Modifications Without Permission

Although some tenants think that renovating or painting the walls will help and facilitate the landlord’s business, not all landlords will appreciate your efforts.

Always consult with the landlord or agent first before making any modifications.

4) Damaged Goods? Contact the Homeowner or Host!

In the event of damage to the electrical equipment and appliances provided, never repair it yourself.

Contact the host and arrange an appointment for repairs. If they ask you to fix it yourself, talk about reimbursing the cost before doing anything!

Also make sure you repair it as soon as it is damaged, otherwise it may pose a risk to your deposit when you want to move out later.

5) Know Your Neighbors And Always Be Considerate

Being considerate is especially important for tenants who share units with others, or for those who live in quiet and quiet neighborhoods.

After all, no one likes to hear the noise in the middle of the night, or the low noise of a late -night party when the next person is about to go to bed.

Knowing the neighbors also has many benefits, they can tell if there is any suspicious activity in your unit when you are not at home or security issues in the area.

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