Time broadband package Malaysia

In the network age, everyone can’t do without network signals. We use the signal provided by our mobile phone carrier when we are outside, and many of us have broadband access to WI-FI at home. There are too many broadband service companies to choose from, so how should we choose?

Before installing broadband, consider the purpose that we deal with broadband first. If you want to surf the Internet on your mobile phone or computer, you can watch TV with 20M broadband. If you want to watch live network TV, you need 50M or more broadband. If you want to play large mobile games, computer games, you need at least 100M broadband. Of course, if you have a lot of people using the Internet in your home, or if you’re watching Internet TV and playing computer games at the same time, it’s time to increase your broadband speed.

Second, there is now single broadband and converged broadband. Single broadband is only broadband, convergence broadband is generally broadband combined with mobile phone card or network TV or fixed phone to sell. If there is a requirement for broadband only, deal with single broadband. Converged broadband is characterized by binding and fixed consumption. When the mobile phone runs out of money, it immediately stops working. It is very inconvenient. Therefore, home users generally use single broadband, only needing one consumption without additional consumption.

Finally, it is the service problem. In general, broadband will not fail, but there will be individual cases of failure. In this era of mobile Internet, without home broadband is like losing air conditioning in the hot sun and drinking water in the desert. Therefore, faster and more timely service is just as important to users as anxiety disappears a second earlier in the long drought and desert. Therefore, broadband after-sales service is particularly important, and good after-sales is very necessary.

Time broadband package Malaysia

Price civilian, high-speed Internet, service to home. The broadband products with these three elements can be called a good broadband. The broadband of high price is not necessarily good, and the broadband of low price, its network speed is not necessarily bad. Choose what suits you best.

There are many different broadband packages on the market. Therefore, we should know more before making a choice. A broadband package that fits our needs not only brings happiness to our lives, but also maximizes its utility. For example, Time broadband package Malaysia has some advantages in Internet speed and service.

The charge policy of installation is different, some places are free of installation cost, also some places need to pay broadband installation cost. But operators would prefer to get more broadband in exchange for free installation fees. Before installing broadband, we can ask the operators in advance if they can offer a partial discount or outright reduction, and they will agree in most cases.

In addition, carriers offer routers and TV boxes that you can opt out of. The routers and TV boxes they offer are generally low-end products with poor performance and a high price. Before the installation, we can contact in advance whether we can use the router and TV box purchased by ourselves instead of the router and TV box provided by the operator. This will save you money while improving your online experience.

Choosing the right broadband for a family can really improve the harmony of the family, after all, we don’t want to compete with each other because of network congestion.

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