When you think of the term “vibrator”, the first thing that comes to mind is a phallic-shaped, vibrating, penetrative device, basically a sex toy. But some dildos vibrate and not all vibrators are phallic-shaped or penetrative. So what’s the difference between them?  Vibrators come in various shapes and sizes, not all of them are penetrative. Yes, both vibrators and dildos do have a few characteristics that are common but they are not interchangeable. Let’s look into the different types of vibrators to make the differences more visible. 

  1. The classic: penetrative vibrators

The most common vibrator that everyone can think of. It’s phallic-shaped and comes in many sizes to choose from based on your preference which looks like a dildo but vibrates. Some are realistic to give you the full experience. Though they look the same shape as a dildo, it feels different but serves the same purpose-penetration. The tip of the vibrator can also be used on the clitoris to stimulate it. Therefore, it can be used for external as well as internal stimulation.  

  1. Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators can only be used for external stimulation, to target clitoris stimulation. They also come in many different shapes, some in the form of butterflies and some in the shape of the tongue to replicate oral sex. These are more suitable to be used alone, but do not let that stop you! You could use it with a partner during penetration to spice things up a little. Under the branch of clitoral vibrators, there are also suction-based vibrators that are just as easy to use. Simply place it over the clitoris while intercourse or you could use it by yourself too.

  1. Rabbit Vibrators

You get the best of both worlds with a rabbit vibrator as it stimulates the clitoris and it can be used to penetrate at the same time. It may not be a great start for beginners as the stimulation may be too much for beginners. The rabbit vibrator looks like a lobster’s claw as the clitoris stimulator is a little shorter than the penetrator. The clitoris stimulator on the other hand looks like a rabbit, that is how it got its name. 

  1. Wand vibrators 

Wand vibrators are more like a small section of a  penetrative vibrator, but there are so diverse in their shapes and sizes that they can be considered to have their own category. They usually look like a large microphone and only the round tip vibrates, the vibration is much more intense and powerful than other vibrators. They also both offer internal and external vibrations but not at the same time, sometimes they do, depending on the way you decide to use them. 

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