Breastfeeding is one of the responsibilities you would send to your child as a new mother after giving birth to a newborn child. Breastfeeding is an increasingly necessary part of your child’s growth. It not only promotes a strong bonding session between you and your newborn, but it also provides your baby with the necessary nutrients he or she requires via breast milk. Since breast milk is the only food the infant will consume or drink for the first year or two of its life, it’s important to have it. Otherwise, the child would not develop well. For more articles like this one, click here.

After the act of breastfeeding with your child, your nipples will tend to get sore due to the baby suckling and biting on your nipples. This is why you should consider purchasing a breastfeeding nipple shield to help reduce contact from the baby’s mouth to the nipple. This nursing tool will help greatly to prevent injuries to your nipple or the baby’s mouth from the action of the baby suckling against your nipple during breastfeeding. There are a lot of different nipple shields for breastfeeding out there but we will focus on three of the best nipple shields for you to buy. We will begin listing down three of the best nipple shields below.

  1. Medela Contact Nipple Shield

The Medela Contact Nipple Shields are made of BPA-free, thin silicone and are intended to increase the amount of skin-to-skin contact between a breastfeeding mother and her son. The baby’s nose will make contact with his or her mother’s skin thanks to the revolutionary cut-out shape.

Medela Contact Nipple Shields are available in three sizes to suit various nipple shapes: 16 millimetres, 20 millimetres, and 24 millimetres. Users of the nipple shield should seek advice from a lactation advisor or expert to decide which size is right for them.

  1. Bonana Silicone Contact Nipple Shield

The Bonana Silicone Contact Nipple Shield is made of food-grade silicone and serves as a silicone cushion that strengthens the areola while still protecting sore nipples. The tip of the bottle has four holes that allow for balanced milk flow into the baby’s mouth. These holes often allow air to circulate, which helps to relieve broken or bleeding nipples.

A carrying case for holding the package is included, as well as a variety of sizes to suit your nipple. The Bonana nipple shields are very comfortable to use, according to Amazon reviewers.

  1. Haaka Nipple Shield

The Haakaa Nipple Shield’s patented construction creates space between your nipple and your baby’s lips, which is perfect if you have nipple soreness or a baby that bites down while breastfeeding. The Haakaa Nipple Shield resembles the nipple on a bottle and fits all breast sizes thanks to its butterfly shape that suctions to your areola. The nipple shield is easy to pin down as a baby latches thanks to its symmetrical shape and anti-slip ridges on the outer edges.

The nipple is intended to allow a steady, but not excessive, flow of milk and has air holes to prevent gas bubbles from being swallowed by a breastfeeding child, which can cause colic and other problems.

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