Building a house in “Sims 4” has become much easier. Now you can build rooms and move them completely to any place on the site. In this way, the height of the ceiling is as set as the foundation. And the walls can be made semi -circular. In general, it is possible to realize the weight of wild fantasies.

This Post Contains Lesson On How To Build A House In Sims 4:

Choose Suitable Plot:

Given that the plot in the fourth part of the size is limited and you can not put the site under construction, where you want, then first you need to choose the same location. If there is no suitable vacant space in the city, then it is necessary to demolish the existing buildings.

Decide Your House Plan 

Once you’ve chosen a venue, it’s time to break up the area into zones. Decide where the house will stand, and where you will build a recreation area.

Building Wall and Room

Now it’s time to build the wall. You can put a ready-made room, and perhaps create a unique interior design.

Do Not Forget The Exterior

Don’t forget about the foundation, basement, stairs and extra floors. In Sims 4 there are a maximum of 4 of them.

Put Up Windows And Doors

In the end you have to build a roof. Now it can be made more diverse in shapes and colors. There are also many decorations for it: gables, chimneys, wings, and so on. Here is a tip for an easier window placement if you have a large modern home. The window of the “Sims 4” can be placed automatically. To do this, drive them to that number.

Pressing the Alt key, you can move objects, regardless of the grid. This includes windows that can be placed on any level. To make the site look not only beautiful, but also stylish, choose different types of fences for the fence on the patio and the site itself. Place flowers, shrubs and trees, and make them look natural, brown in color and add stones. If you do not want to build a building from scratch, you can download the finished house, and then customize it according to your needs and desires. For an uploaded file to appear in the game, you need to place it in the ‘Balance’ folder. Then in the game itself open the library and place the site.

Download CCs or Mods If You Want To 

Custom Content is simple compared to mods, though they can sometimes take as much time to make. CC is hair, textures, objects, and clothing that can be downloaded and easily added to your game. You’ll find everything from wall patterns, to dressers, earrings, and beautiful flowing gowns. Since CC creators don’t have to think about system requirements like Maxis does, and can also sink more time into each piece, they can make truly beautiful additions to the game that greatly enhance the graphics. It is so pretty! 

In Sims 4, roofing is the hardest thing to do. They have removed the idea of auto-roofing from Sims 4, ugh! However luckily in real life you have pemasangan bumbung besi. 

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