For you it makes no sense, economically speaking, to pay the houses a bang, to pay more for each service than in other places, to suffer the stress and inconvenience typical of tourism without participating in the “banquet” that it produces.

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Low cost mass tourist resort

The discourse is in some ways similar to the one just seen even if the volatility of property prices in the long term can be more significant because the territory does not have a strong “brand”.

  • To understand, situations similar to that of Gallipoli in 2018 can happen when after years of tourism boom, even before we even thought about the impact on tourism of COVID-19, the drastic drop in vacationers led to a very rapid reduction in property prices. .
  • Maybe you buy when the place is on the crest of the wave and find yourself, a few years later, with the value of your property halved. Furthermore, these places are characterized by a tourist “invasion” limited to a few months, mostly in summer, which produces a short, volatile wealth and in some ways of poor quality.
  • Again, ask yourself above all about your future: do you think you want to live forever in a seaside village (or in the mountains, if tourism is winter) that “lives” for a few months a year and then is a sort of place to hibernation where you only meet pensioners and people who, waiting for the next tourist season, go away for a few months to be rich in some third world beach?

If so, consider the dynamics we have explained to you and try to uncritically evaluate the future of the local economy. If not, avoid buying a house in areas with these characteristics.

Common dormitory close to a large city

There are several, some resemble more the semi-abandoned periphery of the next paragraph, while others host scattered “small living rooms“. I am thinking, for example, of the hill near Turin where there are towns historically inhabited by good families who seek greater tranquillity in a villa that they would hardly find in the center. Identify the place: if it responds to this second dynamic, the reasoning about the city center is valid. If, on the other hand, it responds to the prototype of the next paragraph, act as I will tell you. Click here for more

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