There are negative and positive effects that can come from addiction to anime. Introduction Anime is a Japanese animation style that can be addictive. Today, addiction to anime is rampant, especially among students. People with an obsessive interest in anime are called otaku. I. Souls II. The negative effects of anime addiction on students A. Academician B. Health C. Behaviour III. The positive effects of anime addiction on students A. Increased social interaction B. Interest in the arts C. Interest in Japanese language and culture D. Relieves the problem E. Influences their English vocabulary Conclusion Addiction to anime is affecting the academic behaviour, health and student behaviour. students. Their parents don’t like their children to watch anime because they can’t focus on their studies. But it is up to the child to balance his studio and anime or not. References INTRODUCTION Anime is an animation style in Japan, heavily influenced by Manga Japanese comics and typically features characters with big eyes, big hair, exaggerated facial expression and is classified by gender. Today, addiction to anime is rampant, especially among students. People with an obsessive interest in anime are called otaku.

Impact of animation on children

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Anime is best form of animation for kids

Compared to other forms of animation, anime is considered by many viewers to be the best. For example, the various incarnations of Transformers. This is just a story done in many different ways. The anime has many different stories within the main category of giant machines. Some of these stories are Zoids, Evangelion and the various Gundam series. Mickey Mouse, for example, is a series of individual stories with only the characters in common; there is no history. The Zoids series is a clearly continuing story that has evolved over the years. As in Chaotic Century (series 1), the main character, Van Flyheight, was the pilot of a blue Blade Liger. All these animated characters are good sources of entertainment for the kids.  Kids love watching animation and after watching these programs they want to look like their favourite characters.

Anime merchandise stores

Anime merchandise are very popular among kids like any other form of animation. Children love buying anime merchandise and they like gifts that are having anime merchandise prints. So, anime merchandise store malaysia are good values and quality for better shopping.

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