Glass has been used for many years since the earliest of centuries. Back then, glasses were used only for weapons. But these days people are using it in manufacturing and architectural developments. Obviously, the glass is very much appealing and looks expensive when it is not. Even some businesses intentionally get glass office partitions. It has many kinds of advantages including giving a professional and sophisticated outlook. Apart from that, glass is also known to be weather and rust-resistant, it does not absorb water as brick walls do, and it does not rust when there are water and air presence. But glass also has many disadvantages as well. 

The first disadvantage that glass would have is, it does not have impact resistance. Do you know when a car hits brick walls, and somehow it does not affect the walls so much? Compared to the glass, if someone ever wants to kill themselves, and jump from the 20th floor, the glass can easily be damaged when there is a heavy impact like that. Another thing is that the person who jumped might have a chance to live, but the damage he got from the broken glass might be the cause of their death. Tragic. 

The second advantage would be heat transparency. As you all know that glass is mostly, see-through material. Thus, it means that you can literally see what is going on, on the other side clearly and you can see the sun clearly as well. When you can see the sun clearly, the lights are directing straight to you, and the glass is heat absorbent. Basically what I am trying to say is that you can easily feel the heat by staying under the glass as the glass absorb heat faster. Now the brick walls do not look so bad at all. By now you are probably thinking of buying other materials for your buildings. 

Last but not least, would be the unsafe people in the building if it is earthquake-prone areas. You know how easy things can break down when there is an earthquake, right? Glass is already known as a material that does not have impact resistance. Thus, when there is an earthquake presence, obviously the glass is going to be the first thing to crack compared to other materials. It is very dangerous the building is made of glass mostly as it is very fragile and you never know what is going to happen. 

In summary, people should really start to consider it to have glass built for their buildings. I understand how cool and fancy it looks, but could you imagine how dangerous it can be for the people around and inside the building? Some might get injured, others might die, and are you going to be the one that can take and carry all the responsibilities? Nonetheless, I think you should try and ask for some reviews and advice as well from other people, maybe when you go to the stores or shops, the seller could explain more things for your understanding. Click here if you would like to know more.

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