Over the years, we have seen our share of inspiring and heartfelt campaigns. Some generated happiness and some ignited hope and empathy. All of these campaigns were crucial to the brand’s image. Especially for bigger companies. 

It is often part of their crisis management tactics or o develop a closer relationship with customers. Either way, we have to give a raise to the marketers who pulled it off. Inspirational campaigns are not easy to carry out. They play a huge role in our emotions and can even lead to negative reactions. To be able to come across as genuine and authentic to individuals as a brand is not an easy feat to accomplish. Difficult yet necessary to humanize the brand in times of crisis. 

Covid-19 was groundbreaking and pivotal for many brands. So it was hardly the time to sit back and watch as events unfold. Many marketers may choose to remain safe and play it cool during crises but this was not the time to sit back. People notice who listened and who changed when the time was due for a change. To bring inspiration, revolutionize, the tone of the message in campaigns and marketing strategies played an important role. 

So with that in mind, how did companies choose their tone in the Covid-19 campaigns

Understanding Your Audience 

Do you know your audience? What are they like? How old are they? What are their occupations? What do they enjoy? What do they search the internet for? Do they love your products? 

Your audience determines your relevance and the authenticity of your tone. So if you don’t know your audience how can you speak to them in a way that gains traction? 

A brand audit in the previous marketing campaigns and content strategies may give us an idea of how people react to your brand. Depending on the reactions you can appropriately choose the tone in your message and the right tone for your business. You have the power of altering your entire message in the business and to the audience, simply by choosing the right tone for your business. Even a mlm software company can change the entire brand perception by choosing the right tone. 

Case Studies On The Impact Of The Chosen Tone

Do you know of other brands who have simply nailed their tone even during crises? Maybe take a good glance at Ryan Air on Tiktok. Normally we would not have woken up and chose to see the humor in their brand message during a pandemic. But this was how Ryan Air coped during the pandemic. They had thousands of people engaging with them in the comment sedition and millions viewing their content. While this was not exactly a campaign, this was a well-executed marketing strategy. 

Another example is how coca-cola situated itself in the world of food and beverages. They have done an excellent job at creating the right atmosphere by choosing the right tone. Their campaigns are evidence of how they choose to cater to their loyal fans. 

Find Out How Customers Perceive You 

This goes a little deeper than simply understanding your audience. This is for people who use your products and services. Do they perceive you as a very serious brand? Do they demand utmost professionalism from you, even in campaigns? How they view you and perceive you plays a huge role in how the tone in the covid 19 campaigns role out. 

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