When sitting in a dormitory we start to appreciate our siblings and parents. You can already see the difficulty of parents earning a living. Sitting in a dormitory also causes us to start eating anything, from fish allergies to having to eat because there is no other option. The hostel wouldn’t want to treat our throats alone, right?

But parents must remember, do not force children, especially boys to sit in dormitories. If they refuse to do so, let them. If forced, it is also feared that they will revolt in the hostel and will cause other problems.

Advantages Of Sitting In A Dormitory 

There are many advantages to living in a hostel especially to the boys. In addition to saving parents time commuting to and from school, without them realizing it, they are actually very lucky to live in a hostel. Would be better if the hostel was in Kelana Jaya

1) Living in a dorm gives them their first lesson to be independent. Throughout their lives, they have been pampered with various pleasures and luxuries of life so that they do not have the opportunity to live independently such as washing their own clothes, folding their own clothes, sweeping, mopping the floor, throwing garbage, washing toilets and so on due to the presence of a mother or maid to run heavy work like this.

2) Student safety is more assured. Staying in a dormitory makes the safety of the children more assured as they do not have to leave the dormitory area to go to or from school. For boys especially, the symptoms of gangsterism, vandalism and hanging out can be reduced because their time and schedule is packed with prep activities, leisure, home club meetings and so on.

3) Students living in dormitories can apply pure values ​​in their lives either directly or indirectly. Among the noble values ​​are tolerance, cooperation and independence. This practice can make students more virtuous.

4) In addition, the learning process will also be more structured. Through emphasis and learning schedule, they have a more organized and balanced learning period. This allows them to focus more on lessons and not be too prone to bad symptoms outside of school such as hanging out, gambling, smoking, and playing video games.

5) Leisure activities performed provide a balance between mental intelligence and physical fitness. Don’t worry if your child is obese while in primary school because a lot of evidence shows that children sitting in dormitories will be thin and slender. There are many reasons they can change physically, among them organized sports activities and a balanced diet in the hostel makes them smarter and fitter.

6) Living in a dormitory is able to discipline the attitude and behavior of students. Through a set schedule, students will appreciate the time more and be able to discipline themselves to follow the period and schedule set by the school.

7) In addition, living in a dormitory can also reduce the situation of ‘culture shock’ when stepping into the university realm. Through the experience in boarding schools, most of them have no problem adapting to the learning environment in IPT.

8) In addition, living in a hostel also allows parents to save on their daily expenses. If students do not live in dormitories, parents have to bear the cost of ‘pocket money’, ‘transportation money’ and so on. Therefore, living in dormitories can ease the burden of parents, especially from the underprivileged.

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