Setia Eco Park

Your neighborhood is where you immediately live and experience life as we know it. It is where we work, have fun, and make wonderful memories. Sometimes we engage neighbors in our daily life and sometimes we dont. The activities we engage in and do are dependent on our personality and values. It is also dependent on the state and rules of the neighborhood following the predicament of the global pandemic. Here are some things we can in the vicinity of our neighborhood to make the best out of the place we live! 

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a slot in a huge Setia Eco Park neighborhood. But no matter how big or small our neighborhood is, we can always take part in an initiative to be green. On our first list of activities to do, we have planting trees. Planting in our neighborhood is not only a way of giving love to the environment we live but it is also a good way to celebrate your life. The trees you plant will probably last a long time, take their time to grow, be a source of food for all the animals and be a shade for neighbors on a sunny day. Not to mention, it bonds us through the power of greenery. It is no news that greener spaces create more harmony and wholesomeness. 

Next, we can also incorporate exercise and working out into our daily life in the neighborhood. What good is our neighborhood if there is no place to exercise? Believe it or not, there is always space for some activity and moving around. Our exercises do not have to be a 5km marathon around the condominium but it can also be just you and your yoga mat under a nice patch of greenery. This is your way of getting proper movement in your joint while simultaneously getting fresh air. Some fun ways to incorporate movement also include playing catch with your dog, taking stairs more often, hosting a neighborhood dance and Zumba class, mastering the jump rope with your friends and the list goes on. It is so crucial to get exercise now that most of us are homebound. The neighborhood has become our only playground and it is time that we fully plan on using it for the purpose of boosting our workout routine. 

Exercise and sustainability are already on the list. What’s another activity you could do that could bring joy both to yourself and your neighborhood? 

Doing food exchanges with your neighbors! Being homebound has given us a lot of time in the kitchen. We are experimenting, baking, grilling, frying, and trying out every new bizarre cooking trend on social media. After all, we have nothing but additional time. And a whole lot of neighbors who are eager to experiment with food as well. As a wholesome activity, you could do fancy or casual food exchanges with your neighbors every now and then. The pandemic may not allow us to enjoy the food we share in the same room but the act of exchanging or sharing itself bring a lot of warmth and happiness. 

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