Seafood is an amazing source of energy and dietary source that has so many benefits for our health. The benefits of seafood remain endless.

Seafood is edible animals except that, unlike your chickens and beef, they don’t come from the lands. They come from the ocean, freshwater sea, rivers, and anything that is considered in the water. We have so many different types of seafood. Some can be deadly to eat, some are overfished by humans and now they are facing an incredible decline, some are perfectly sustainable and delicious to eat.

Seafood is a staple in many households. Especially for those living in the coastal areas. They live and breathe fresh produce from the sea. Their lifeline belongs to fishing and their diet is fully composed of seafood. Sometimes even for three meals of the day. But this does not mean they eat the same fish or tuna for all three meals of the day.

Fish is so versatile and they come in so many different forms. Not only fish but all seafood are the same. The ocean consists of more than 3 trillion fishes alone so let’s not count for the number of shrimps, prawns, oysters, and clams that are there for us. Some even consume sea turtles, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and squids. There is no end to the type of seafood we can consume. There is a type of seafood available for everyone. If fish is not your thing, you can have fresh mussels online Malaysia too. Malaysians enjoy many of these seafood delicacies in their daily diet. Especially if they live in the more coastal side of the country. Islanders are well affiliated with all different types of seafood out there.

So, for those making the big switch from land meat to seafood, they would wonder how healthy it is for us. Is it better to strictly stick to seafood and become a pescatarian? What are the health benefits of a seafood lifestyle over eating chicken and other meat?

Seafood Can Keep Us Full For Longer Period OF time Than Other Sources Of Protein

Seafood is well known with their reputation as a great dietary source. But did you also know that it was great at filling us up and keeping us satisfied for longer periods of time?

Fish Has The Richest Source Of Healthy Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish is a seafood, and one of the most well-known seafood for their rich source of omega 3. Omega 3 keeps our heart healthy and prevents us from deadly heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even irregular heartbeats. Omega 3 fatty acids are consumed as supplements in many corners of the world but fish is all we need to get our adequate dose of omega 3.

Seafood Is Better For Those On A Weight Loss Journey

Seafood is high in protein and low in fat. Many researchers suggest that seafood is better than any other meat to keep us lean and build muscle growth. After all, they are a great source of vitamin D as well. People who choose to become pescatarian are known to have better weight loss journeys than those who incorporated meat such as chicken and beef.

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