We know what it’s like to have a night or two of hangovers and a couple of too many tequila shots. Alcohol, when used moderately is a blessing. It is the reason for many fun nights, enhance bonds and friendship, produce spontaneity and relaxation in life, and many great things. But when used in an uncontrolled manner it can become somewhat of a disastrous substance in our life. It can take over our actions and affect our mental health, will to live and destroy our normative behavior. We have lost many to addiction and many to liver failure.

Surely we understand the impact of overconsumption of alcohol in our liver. Many alcohol-related diseases are related to our liver. Cirrhosis is the severest stage of alcohol-related liver disease and many have found ways to delay the effects of cirrhosis through Proganic medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia. 

While our liver has the miraculous power of healing itself, it is important that we change our course of action to reverse the damage. Mindful drinking is one of the most effective methods of prevention of alcohol-related liver diseases. 

What is mindful drinking? 

Mindful drinking is the practice of being aware of how much you consume alcohol and in what settings. It is about learning how your body reacts to alcohol and what environments you must consume it in and certainly taking note of how much you drink. There is awareness in every choice you make with alcohol. And just like any other relationship, when we have awareness in a relationship, it improves the bond. It becomes an effective relationship for your physical and mental well-being. Nobody wants to be in a toxic relationship with alcohol because when it’s toxic, it is simply called disordered drinking or “alcohol addiction” or “dependence”. 

But we are not far off from mindful practices that can make drinking a healthy experience. 

Remember, it is the small things that we do that count. Our actions create a momentum of change. Do not underestimate the simple changes you make in your life. 

So let’s help you develop some mindful drinking habits, shall we!

  1. Track Your Drinks

Counting always helps. It is much like counting the times we exercised today or counting how many calories we ate. We know that when we count, we have a statistical figure that helps us become aware of our own selves. But today, awareness has taken center on many drinking environments. There are thousands of apps that can help us track how much we drink. The people are aware of the importance of tracking as well. Making a goal for yourself of how many drinks you are limiting yourself to will help you stay in the ball mark or below.

  1. Pace Yourself While Drinking 

Drinking is not a race. It is something you do for pure enjoyment. So the pacing and spacing of your drinks are just as important as limiting the number of drinks you intake. Drinks are meant to be savored. 

  1. Don’t Be Too Rigid With Your Rules 

If you hold yourself too accountable for a long period of time, you are bound to lose control. So make sure you are enjoying your own rules. These restrictions you place on yourself are also for your mental well-being. 

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