Do you know what is the beautiful thing about water? If not, then let me answer that water is a precious resource that is almost synonymous with life. All the ecosystems, biodiversity, marine life, and climatic conditions are dependent on water. There are social and political scientists who believe that future wars could be fought over water resources. The fact of the matter is there are wars fought over the water and many companies like coca cola and nestle have made big businesses out of water. Wasn’t that unthinkable a century ago. Indeed, that was.

Well, I think I am dragging you into too much political discussion. Let’s keep it simple and in the most uncomplicated terms, water represents the diverse beauty of the world and therefore it attracts human beings in its all forms. Had there been no water, there would have been no life. Water in its all forms, liquid, solid and gaseous forms, is a blessing for human beings. It is said that the human body consists of seventy percent water and similarly the world too consists of seventy percent water and thirty percent dry land where we grow all our vegetation, the big skyscrapers and our sporting grounds. We also fight wars on this tinny thirty percent. Funny? Indeed, it is. Well, you must also know the interesting fact that water that is present in the forms of oceans, lakes, and underground aquifers is not used completely as it is mostly contaminated with excessive minerals that are not suited to the human health. diving Malaysia are too little around the world and there unevenly distributed. There are nations with an abundance of freshwater resources such as Canada and there are countries with scarce water resources such as Afghanistan. Much of the freshwater resources are also wasted annually due to no proper infrastructure to secure them and hence the human populations are deprived of available water resources. So, water it means has become a contested resource that we all should use very wisely.
Well, that was general information about the importance of water to instill in the very minds of all of us that water is extremely important for life. Now, let’s talk about the open water course and open water certification or PADI diving course in Malaysia. We all know Malaysia is a wonderful country with an extensive coastal belt. You must be thinking as to what could be the use of all saltwater that is in the oceans and what economic value could Malaysia derive out of its vast seashores. The answer is, there are a lot of sporting activities for the general public, tourists, and the people who love marine life. You must have heard about the best destinations for scuba diving in Malaysia and the best places to learn open watercourses. Malaysia is a place that makes your dream realize where you can earn all these courses conveniently with your family, friends, and colleagues. I am sure you would love water courses here and would get your water certification.

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