Male masturbators are sex toys that have been manufactured for the sole purpose of taking traditional masturbation to another level. In addition, with its use you will give your hand some rest, since some do not even require you to move them. The inner channel is usually very smooth and narrow, which offers a fairly realistic feel.

In their internal canal, they have textured patterns that stimulate the nerve endings of the penis much better than with the hand. Their use is usually very simple and they are, in general, very easy to clean.

To use them, you just need to insert your penis into the holes and slide the masturbator from top to bottom, as if by hand, until you reach orgasm. As for their prices, the range is wide, since you find them from € 5 to more than € 200 that the most sophisticated toys cost at the sex toy shop Malaysia.

In a world where more and more taboos are being demolished every day, the subject of masturbation no longer generates the same controversy as before. Masturbation is a physical act and a human need to satisfy their sexual desire. In addition, the practice of this activity (without becoming excessive, of course) brings many health benefits.

When talking about masturbators, people usually think of female masturbators: dildos, vibrating eggs, Chinese balls, among others. Nevertheless, men have also their individual objects of pleasure. The offer is vast. And in today’s article, you will know all about male masturbators!

The most important

Male masturbators seek to simulate penetration, be it vaginal, anal, or oral. The inner walls of the male masturbator are what help to reach climax.

The most popular male masturbators, other than the tube type, are life-size dolls. There are full body, partial or inflatable doll format.

Male masturbators come into direct contact with your skin and are used in especially sensitive areas. Therefore, you must take into account the material from which they are made.

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