Is It Good Or Bad Staying Home

Nowadays we have been forced to stay home ever since the government has announced lockdown over the whole of Malaysia. Many countries also announced a lockdown to help the governments to flatten the number of cases, even so, not all countries believe in this kind of method because once everything is being controlled, it will give a big impact on the country’s economy. But game judi online malaysia are definitely not here to talk about that, we are going to discuss whether it is a good thing or a bad thing for you to stay home for a long time.

The first thing, let us start off with the good ones first, what do we get from staying home? Of course, we do not have to wake up early and dress up for work. We can literally wake up 5 minutes before the office hour and straight away open our desktop or laptop to work. Furthermore, it is really tiring to wake up early, making sure we look presentable, grab our breakfast before work because we do not get sick. How crazy is that? Other than that, no one can supervise us as much as they did at work. Because when we are working from home we are basically expected to update our progress and whatnot, but we are not required to stay in the video conference the whole time. Therefore, during that period, you can basically take a nap, eat, do something else, like playing games such as Malaysia online betting, but be careful, if anyone catches you not doing your work at home, always missing out on sudden spot checks, you can be targeted by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the bad sides of staying home including your productivity will decrease very much compared to all the time you spent walking and being productive outside. Like when you are too lazy to wake up early or doing important things, getting groceries, yes, things like that can happen just from staying home too much. Other than that, your communication skills will decrease as well because basically when you are home, you are only communicating with your families, or friends, hardly to your colleagues, and mostly only to say the important stuff. Hence, it can affect your communication skill, and the only solution is to learn by yourself, keep up and make your own effort. These are some main bad sides of staying home too long.

Honestly, if you go through anything, whether it is staying at home or working at the office, there will always be some bad sides and good sides out of it, but it does not mean that it is necessarily bad. When it comes to comparison, of course, you are allowed to make your own decision because it is based on your perceptions, and people would choose something for their own personal advantage and who are we to judge that, right? Nonetheless, I hope you can make a good decision from all these comparisons because in the end, you are the one who would have to go through it.

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