Blogs are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. There are all kinds of blogs these days from cooking to planting. Even Martha Steward has a blog. Some people share their feelings through the blog whilst others document their everyday lives with blogs. There are plenty of sites offering to make blogs for anyone and all you need is to go there and pick a name that hasn’t been taken. Those sites offer free templates and other titbits as well for your new blog journey. Website developers Malaysia also can create sites for you to make your blog.

First off, pick a name for your blog. As we know, your blog name should never coincide with another person’s blog or site name to ensure none of your readers get side tracked. Pick a theme for your blog. It could be home and living or DIYs or even about baking. Anything would be fine as long as you’re able to endlessly get content out of it. If you find yourself hitting a plateau with your blog posts, then you should think about rebranding and whatnot but if you’re starting off, pick a theme. Ensure your aesthetics and blog posts coincide and that they are suitable for each other.  You should also use social media companies malaysia for advertising.

You can begin your journey by writing. Write on your about section and explain to your readers why did you create the site and what should their expectations be out of it as well. Write away about what you want you wish to express. Write about the loaves of bread you’ve baked and the countless times you’ve burnt them as well. But don’t just write. Provide some images as well. As more and more individuals become visual learners, visual aids will be a great assistance for them to understand your blog. Show pictures of your bread and burnt loaves and your audience will enjoy it nevertheless.

Once you’ve started writing your content, you should consider how to market your blog. Writing is fun and all but without traffic on your site, you can hardly get people to read it. If you’re up for it, inform your family and friends about your blog and try to get some feedback out of them. Even if it’s just your family reading, you can get some traffic on your site which will then get the attention of a little more people. You can also discuss the latest trends of anything and post it as quickly as possible to ensure your posts come up higher on the list which will ensure others read your post.

When all of that is done, it’s time to make some money out of your posts. Advertisers would want to scramble to do their advertising on your site. They would probably pay a few cents for each user but when there are many people using your site, those cents add up into dollars and those dollars into hundreds. Pretty soon, you’ll have a mini empire in your hands where you can post fun things about and people would still enjoy. You could even put your blog up for sale if you can no longer manage it or pay someone else to manage it for you.

Having a blog is all fun and the work is rewarding. You can do a lot while doing something you enjoy when you’re a blogger. If you’re an aspiring blogger, we advise you to take these tips and we wish you good luck. 

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