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We all have come into encounters with taglines and quotes revolving around women empowerment but do we actually apprehend its literal denotation? Empowerment by definition refers to ranting necessary power to someone over something. Though gender inequality is still a thing in this very modern-day and time, as a woman, rather than waiting to be empowered, why don’t we empower ourselves as a kickstart instead? No matter the gender, we are all bestowed with power upon birth and it is up to ourselves whether we want to ignite the power within. Do not just sit there and preach quotes for nothing, do something to initiate change today.

Equipped With Hands-On Skills

When I mention hands-on skills, I do not refer to interpersonal communication or teamworking, I mean essential life skills like home repairs, unclogging of toilet or sink, car repair, so on and so forth that have been stereotyped to be done by our men counterparts. Suppose you can’t even get yourself to acquire fundamental skills like that that can help get you through minor hardships because your father and brothers at home assist you out in that, who do you demand gender equality? It may not be the easiest thing to learn and this is where self-empowerment plays a significant role. Lit that fire in you and start being competent with these practical skills. 

Hard Work 

There is no free lunch without hard work, we work for what we aspire to achieve and that is how the world operates. We need to prove our capability through gender inequality and show it to the world that we are just as deserving of equal treatment. Go all out and put in your utmost effort to accomplish your goals, rather than proving the society with words, prove them with your results. Once you are fully empowered, you will see yourself being competent with things of which you never thought you would ever put hands on. Women are powerful by nature so do not be surprised when you see a women contractor pursuing a career in metal roofing malaysia because they are qualified enough. 


We also need to be confident to stand out in the crowd to prove our capability. People might not believe us and that is completely normal, but you need to be courageous enough to prove them wrong. Do not let your fear overshadow your talents, let it shine!

Bottom Line

To be very honest, most successful women internationally recognized today like Aung San Suu Kyi were not given any equal treatment in the very beginning but are not one of the most respected women ever across the globe. See how self-empowerment comes first? If she can do it, every woman can too. In short, do not just sit there and wait to be given equal treatment, show them how you deserve it. 

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