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What is a feng shui? A feng shui is a good energy vibe in your home and many people want to have a good feng shui around their home. Even if you are living at Subang Heights you still need a good feng shui in your home environment. Here are some tips that you can do, to create a good feng shui for your home. 

Subang Heights

Lighten Up Your Entry 

It’s always good to have natural light coming inside of your house, and in feng shui, the light that came into your home represents the energy. Plus, your entry is the first what people see when they came into your home so you want to give a good impression to them. Try to limit the furniture in front of your entry hallway and try to get it paint with a neutral bright color. To make your entry brighter try to add a light bulb that can brighten up your hallway entry. 

Wipe Your Window 

It’s always good to keep our windows clean and in the world of feng shui, the window represents the eye of an adult. You want your window to be clean so that you can see everything outside of your house and you want to allow the natural sunlight to come into your home. Having a clean window will also make the space look spacious and brighter. 

Make Sure Your Door Are Functioning Well 

We tend to not give a care about our door, as long as it can function well then we wouldn’t really do anything to them. Well, to create a good feng shui in your home environment you need to give more attention to your door. This is because the door represents the opportunities that might come into our life. Make sure that there is nothing behind your door that can get into your way when you are opening the door and also make sure that all of the locks and hinges are functioning well. 


The position of your furniture is the most important thing in feng shui and this is because your furniture represents many things in your life. For example, your bed represents yourself and your table represents your career. You want to have success in all of these aspects of your life and positioning your furniture well, can allow good feng shui to circulate in your home. 

Clear Your Pathway 

The pathway that you use to walk in your home, you want to make sure that there’s no obstacle that can block your pathway. Organize your furniture away from your pathway throughout the house. Because in feng shui, these obstacles that are obstructing your walk can represent the problems that you might face in your life. 

Home Plants 

Having plants in your home area can help to circulate the air around you and it also can bring good energy to your home. Nowadays, many people are slowly becoming interested in house plants because they are easier to take care of. It can also add some color to your home area. 

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