Ships are one of the oldest vehicles invented. They are also one of the oldest modes of transportation that were used by humans. Some even suggest they were used over several thousand years ago. Ships that were made back then were mostly made of wood cut from whatever trees that early civilised humans could find. They were simple vessels that could float and sail with leather sails and transport humans over large distances of water. This allowed early civilisation to explore other parts of the world to form colonies and settlements. To read more articles, click here

Over the centuries, humans have been bettering this vehicle and mode of transportation. From using sturdier wood to using fabric sails, these were upgrades that lasted for a few centuries. Until the 19th Century when the steam engine was invented and popularised. This allowed ships to move faster than using sails and allowed ships to travel even greater distances. The use of metal hulls instead of wood also allowed ships to have increased hull integrity. Since then, ships have been using newer sources of energy to fuel and power them. Recent advances in technology have allowed ships to use the power of diesel, and even electricity. These battery powered ships have been claimed to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than their counterparts that use fossil fuels.

With these modern ships, many ships around the world are being used mostly to transport the importation and exportation of various goods and cargos. Some ships are also used for transportation while some others are used for luxury purposes such as cruise ships and yachts. Meanwhile in Malaysia, ships are being used to transport items and resources such as petrol, food cargo, electronics, cars, and many more commodities. Some ships in Malaysia usually stay on the sea near the shore to store and transport oil. These oil tankers’ singular purpose is to store and transport fuel from oil rigs to petrol companies on the shore. When ships are docked, they are usually hot laying up. Meaning that these ships are idle and can be brought to service at any time. However, some ships will be moored under the mooring system Malaysia. These ships are decommissioned due to lack of employment and are moored until they are ready for new employment.

These ships have been used this way in Malaysia for nearly 100 years. These ships are likely to be used in the same fashion for many more years to come. As technology gets more and more advanced, we might find new ways to power ships. Maybe through nuclear fusion or hover technology. We might even push a new age of ships, making the transport possibly more popular than flying.

In conclusion, ships have been around for a very long time. They have been responsible for colonising and taking over countless nations and settlements. We should always appreciate our ancestors for taking the initiative to build and conquer various civilisations. Some of us wouldn’t even be here today if it weren’t for them!

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