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Recognized HALAL And CLINICALLY TESTED. To Restore Cell Rejuvenation And Increase Skin Elasticity. With The Advancement Of Technology And Coupled With A Combination Of Natural Alternative Ingredients For (Botox) And Stem Cells. This Serum Formulation Is Able To Bring Improvements To The Skin By: Increasing Skin Renewal, Tightening Sagging Skin And Reducing The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles.

1) Alternative To Botulinum Toxin Removes Fine Lines And Wrinkles

2) Give Birth To New Cells

3) Anti-Aging

4) Increases Collagen Productivity

5) Astringents And Conditioners For The Skin

HOW TO USE: Apply On The Entire Face Evenly And Gently Massage Upwards. Massage Gently Until Completely Absorbed. Apply On The Entire Face And Neck. Avoid Eye Contact. • Natural%: 90.40% • 100% Basic Serum From Natural Ingredients

Ingredients: RO Water, Cova B Tox™, Everlaskin™, Glycerin,1,3-Butylene Glycol, DMDMH, Distillate Rose Water™, HCO 40 Dan Citric Acid.

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