You can entrust the search for an apartment to realtors or start the selection of real estate yourself through Internet services. If you have decided on the area where you want to rent housing, you can print out the purchase intent and post it on the information boards of stops and in the entrances of specific houses. This is an effective method, which is often used by hired agents. It will also not be superfluous to ask friends and acquaintances whether they or someone from their inner circle are selling real estate: word of mouth often leads to mutually beneficial deals. For Selayang condo for sale or a Selayang apartment, you can find the right deals.

How to choose an apartment in the secondary housing:

  • contact the agency;
  • consider offers on Internet sites;
  • ask acquaintances;
  • post ads.

One of the main advantages of the secondary housing is the ability to inspect the apartment before buying. Do not neglect it, especially if you are choosing accommodation in an old house. If the seller has nothing to hide, he will easily agree to an inspection. You, in turn, make sure that it suits you.

In which house is it better to buy an apartment: brick, monolithic or panel?

The comfort of a home is highly dependent on the design of the house in which it is located. Knowing the features of different types of buildings – their energy efficiency, sound insulation level, durability, etc. You can easily decide which apartment to choose and where exactly. In our country, 3 main types of houses prevail:

  • panel
  • monolithic (monolithic brick)
  • brick

Panel house building has existed in our country since Soviet times. This technology involves the use of reinforced concrete panels ready-made blocks, which are produced in advance at the plant, and then “assembled” from them at home. It takes an average of 1.5-2 years to create an average high-rise building from panels.

House building technology example

The main part of modern new buildings is monolithic, with a reinforced concrete base and walls made of small-piece stone blocks, which are distinguished on the construction site and laid in a seamless method. The technology is distinguished by its durability – houses have been used for 120 years or more. As for brick buildings, apartments in them are presented mainly in the secondary market. Modern developers practically do not use technology due to the high cost. In addition, brick is not suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings.

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