The adhesives and sealants are used both in industry and in construction. They are usually thought to be the same product and have the same use. But these two products are made to provide different solutions and that is why it is important to know what their uses and differences are.

Difference between adhesives and sealants

A sealant is a non-metallic material that changes to a solid state when applied. Joins two surfaces and fills the space between them so that solid, liquid or gaseous materials do not enter or leak.

An adhesive is a non-metallic material that holds two surfaces together, that is, when applied to one surface it adheres to another through adhesion and cohesion.

Therefore, adhesive is a material that joins two surfaces while a sealant is a material for filling and sealing.

Adhesives are more rigid, as they are products that allow to obtain a permanent adhesion of the materials to be joined, but sealants have a greater elongation than adhesives.

Types of adhesives and sealants

The most widely used sealants and adhesives in industry and construction are:

Recommendations for application

It is important to highlight that it must be taken into account on which material these products are going to be applied in order to choose the right one, since for both cases there are several types for different materials. It should be considered:

The curing time since the adhesive or sealant bond is not obtained immediately, it is necessary to wait for the product to solidify or cure.

  • >> The resistance to different temperatures of the products.
  • >> Long-term resistance, as this can be affected by various causes, such as uv rays or fungi.
  • >> The environment in which each product will be exposed, for example some that do not resist humidity or very high temperatures.
  • >> The type of joint to be treated: is it structural? Is it high traffic? High movement?.
  • >> The surface preparation must be done before the application process in order to achieve a good final result.

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