Very fashionable and very ecological, the sale of vegetables and fresh fruits from its own garden is developing more and more. Be careful, this is not about setting up a stand in your Saturday market. The activity which will be discussed in this article is intended for non-agricultural professionals. His goal is not to live off it but to make ends meet, sometimes very seriously. It will consist of selling its micro-production in short circuits (= without intermediaries).

All the benefits of vegetables for a complete and balanced diet. Indispensable for your nutritional balance, vegetables provide you with nutrients and vitamins. Already cooked or naturally canned, vegetables are good and essential for your meals and favorite recipes. Far from replacing your market gardener or your purchases at the market, OnGrocer organic grocery store mainly offers canned food. Organic canned vegetables will serve you as a backup, for quick preparation but also because they can be grown in season and stored naturally to be eaten later.

Find the organic vegetables!

Choose from a wide choice of canned vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, peas, carrots, green beans, artichokes. OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia also offers chickpeas, red and white beans, lentils, and red lentils as well as pickles, cabbage, and corn with fast local vegetables online delivery Malaysia.

Discover many references of organic vegetables!

The large selection of canned organic vegetables will allow you to concoct your favorite little dishes. Useful for lovers of good Italian pasta sauces, to prepare a curry, a chili, or even couscous. 

A wide range of fresh products all year round: both widely demanded and exotic for the preparation of various dishes.

Exchange and return of goods in case of hidden defects – is carried out by agreement.

Without fruits and vegetables, it is impossible to imagine the diet of a modern person. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, and antioxidants. They strengthen the immune system, protect against various diseases. It is recommended to eat several servings of vegetable fruits every day. Each of them has a unique composition of nutrients. Another advantage is their low-calorie content. This makes them an integral part of diets and healthy eating habits.

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