3 Classic Children’s Books That Any Adult Now Still Loves And Remembers

…do you remember your days of childhood?

I think we all keep memories of childhood in a close place to our hearts. Being young and happy and free, watching cartoons on a Sunday afternoon as your parents mill about doing work and your siblings fight each other for the remote. These were the days of wistfulness, of nostalgia; of a liberating freedom only childhood can afford. And for the adults now, there are some things that were so instrumental to our childhood days that simply looking at them will send us hurtling back to the past – books being one of them.

Books used to be an integral part of every childhood memory. When the Internet was still burgeoning and your favorite TV show wasn’t on, children would turn to books as part of their entertainment. And boy, were there a lot of children’s books back in the day – of Dr. Seuss and C.S. Lewis, of beautifully-illustrated adventures of fantasy and mystery and magic. But those wonders are a relic of a past; and something no one can really return to…right?

Thankfully, we live in an age where local bookstores and even online shopping is still very much a thing. Examples of stores and publishers like Barefoot Books, an English publisher of children’s books that functions on mlm softwares, usually keep these nostalgic childhood tales still up on shelves; so not only can you borrow them out and read them for yourself, you can share them with your own children as well!

Here are 3 classic children’s books that any adult now still loves and remembers!

1. Winnie The Pooh

Who doesn’t love and remember Winnie The Pooh?

Winnie The Pooh is a popular and much beloved character from literature as well as animation. While popularized by Disney, Pooh as a character originally stemmed from the eponymous children’s book by A.A. Milne; starring an adorable, sentient teddy bear and his quaint adventures with his fellow anthropomorphized animal friends. Since Disney adopted the Winnie The Pooh license, Pooh and his friends have since rocketed to new heights – with Pooh’s sweet, bumbling demeanor captured beautifully in animated form.

Simply looking at this adorable yellow teddy bear, with his distinct red shirt, love for honey, and comforting voice, will make you dream of a time when you wished you had a talking Pooh bear of your own!

2. The Cat In The Hat

From the pleasantly sweet to the pleasantly zany, we enter the distinct world of Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss was a children’s author well-known for his distinct artstyle and incredibly colorful and zany world; filled with all sorts of strange characters and even stranger happenings. Perhaps his most well-known character even today – that stands in as perhaps one of the icons of Dr. Seuss books in general – is the famous ‘Cat In The Hat’; an anthropormophic, talking black and white cat with a distinctive red bowtie and striped hat.

Unlike many of Dr. Seuss’ characters, the Cat In The Hat wasn’t a one-off character exclusive to one book – in fact, he was in many of Seuss’ novels; easily distinguishable from his striking appearance and his zany misadventures. Even mlm softwares , the Cat In The Hat remains a deeply beloved relic of it’s time – and is definitely a book you should still continue to check out from bookstores today!

3. Alice In Wonderland

If you thought the Cat In The Hat was strange…well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Alice In Wonderland is perhaps one of the most well-known fairy tales of the past; up there with timeless titles such as Cinderella and the Beauty and The Beast. Written by Lewis Caroll in 1865, Alice In Wonderland stars the titular Alice as she falls down a rabbit hole into the fantastical, chaotic world of Wonderland; where animals speak, a bunny dashes around in a tailcoat, different foods can shrink or grow you, and an evil queen sits upon her throne. The book features a whole array of interesting and almost crazy characters rooted in anything but common sense – which is why this book is so distinct and so utterly charming!

(And if you’re not the biggest fan of books – well, you can still enjoy Wonderland through Disney’s film adaptation!)

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